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Die Franzosen!

Und zwar Zahlen bis Drei-Sechzig.

Nunja, Scherz beiseite, inria hat auf jeden Fall den sahnigsten Informatikhörsaal aller Zeiten:

Horizontale Tische, 1 Steckdose/Platz und Sitze wie im Kino.

Kontext wird nachgereicht 8-)

Bitcoin Vending Machine – Exchange Euro coins for Bitcoin (wallets)

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Artwork: Max F. Albrecht: "Bitcoin Vending Machine". Weimar, 2012. Produced in the Fine Art project "Panta Rhei" at the Bauhaus-University in Weimat, mentored by Prof. Norbert W. Hinterberger and Naomi T. Salmon.

A mechanical vending machine exchanging 1€-coins for Bitcoin.
It works using the easywallet.org service which provides a Bitcoin wallet with a web interface not unlike an online banking account, but much simpler. The only way to access the account is through a secret link, which is received in exchange for the 1€-coin.
Opening this link in a web browser, the costumer can instantly send this 1€ (minus material costs) to another Bitcoin user, for example Wikileaks.

(There is also an announcement on bitcointalk)

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Update, 18.07.2012: Some more work-in progress pictures. I will add some better pictures of the receipt when I find them, so you can see it in fact has a QR code :)

Update 23.07.2012:

Update 25.07.2012
The Bitcoin Vending Machine Project can now supported with donations of bit coins :)
All received coins will used to build more advanced versions of this with open source software (and some open hardware).

Donations: 1EuroXwViyd9vSpu2yX9eDa3q6zQ7sB5NL (Blockchain)

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CP sucht neuen Fahrer

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Unsere Ersatzmutter sucht neue Supplier.

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